How to Jailbreak iOS 11-11.1.2 and Install Cydia using Electra

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Today, we will be covering the detailed procedure on how to jailbreak your device running iOS
versions 11-11.1.2 using Electra and also alongside installing Cydia too. There are a few things
that you should keep in mind before proceeding to the actual steps such as the below steps do
not apply to the latest update such as iOS 11.2 and 11.2.1 and any more to come. However,
there is no exclusion of any device and as long as you’re using iOS v11 to iOS v11.1.2, you
should be fine.

Prepare for Jailbreak

Needless to mention, you need to take a complete backup of your device either
through iTunes or any other software that you prefer and keep the battery sufficiently charged.
In case of battery getting drained completely during the jailbreaking process, your phone may
end up in a corrupt state. And, if by chance, the jailbreaking process doesn’t go as smooth as
expected then you may end up losing all your important data and contacts. Though, Coolstar
has mentioned that during this process, an APFS snapshot is created to which you can revert it
at a later stage if the need arises.


Now for the first things, you will need to download and install Electra and Cydia Impactor from
their official sources. It is advisable not to resort to downloading from torrents or mirror sites as
they may contain fakes or malware etc. You can download the latest version of Electra from its
page on CoolStar official website i.e. here. Cydia Impactor can be downloaded from its official

  1. Next step is to launch Cydia Impactor on your computer and connect your
    iPhone/iPad/iPod which you are using to the system.
  2. Once Cydia Impactor detects your device, the Electra jailbreak IPA file that you
    downloaded earlier has to be dragged onto its user interface.
  3. A prompt will come asking you to enter your Apple developer account login credentials.
  4. Once, you’ve successfully entered the correct login details, you have to wait for Cydia
    impactor to sideload the signed app on your iOS device.
  5. After Electra jailbreak, IPA is loaded successfully, open the settings app and go to
    Device Management. Its located under Settings > General > Profiles & Device
    Management. It could be only device management too in some devices. Don’t worry, it’s
    the same thing.
  6. Now, below developer app, click on the entry with your developer id then further click on Trust option that comes. Doing so will change the status to delete the app.
  7. When this is done, open the Electra Jailbreak app and select the option ‘JailBreak’ which
    will start the jailbreaking process. The process can take some time as its a three-stage
  8. At the end of the second stage in the process, your device will show signs of starting up.
  9. Once the whole process is complete, your device will show the home screen. Now, open
    the Electra app and it will notify you that your device is already jailbroken henceforth
    there is no need to do so.

Meanwhile, if you check, you will find that Cydia has also been installed on your device. You can
now launch the marketplace and install the apps of your wish. Some words of precaution
though, this is not what you may call completely jailbreaking your device. In other words, this
process is used to semi-untethered jailbreak which gets disabled each time you restart your device. Any and all tweaks that you installed along with apps will be disabled including Cydia. If
you restart your device and again wish to jailbreak your device, simply repeat the procedure.

Post Processes

Do remember one thing, that the Electra app you are using is not
free for unlimited usage. If you have installed with a free apple id, it expires after 7 days. You
can use it for 7 more days by re-installing it via Cydia Impactor. No need to worry though, you
only need it for jailbreaking your device again. Expiring of this app has no effect on your
jailbroken device whatsoever.

Got any more queries or doubts, let us know in the comments below.

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